terça-feira, 21 de maio de 2013

May 21 , 2013

So first i have to say , that our blog is officially back on , has it was seen on the last post,  i guess i needed to change a bit too , also maybe ill actually change whatever it is that needs to be changing even with the little things.

Was passing by and this building caught my attention , i don't know exactly why , but...
maybe it was the sunset sky, but overall ,a nice view.
Mom bought me this jacket with denim and faux leather style :D she said she wouldn't get me a denim jacket nor a faux leather/leather jacket , so she agreed to this , a bit funny , but overall happy with the present :)
Grumpy face lol ~~

Random drawing i'm working on ~~ :)
I came to realize my birthday is on the corner , literally LOL.
Terriblee terrible , i don't really want to age more ( who would ) but still :( soon its 30 , then 40 , time passes really fast looking back at it.
Oh well.
Happy May