terça-feira, 30 de julho de 2013

W.O.W - MoP - Reins of the Green/Red/Blue Shado-Pan Riding Tiger - Shado-Pan Exalted Rep.

So i have finally finished farming rep with Shado-Pan , and now can get the faction mount.
Took me basically 1 month to farm rep =) give or take.
Here it is , the  Red Shado-Pan Tiger :)
I was actually surprised , this is one of my favourite tiger mounts so far, love the tail and the emblem.

And Green Primal Rapton that i won in LRF Throne of Thunder Sequence , at first it was actually a " Primal Egg" with the rl duration/hatching time of 3 days.
At first i tough it was going to be the grey/dark with blue raptor , but in the end was this , i don't dislike it , but don't use it much.

All for now ~~ byes.