terça-feira, 3 de setembro de 2013

August 2/3, 2013

:) received this skirt has a gift... my first time in a reallyyy really long time to wear a skirt 

ignore my pose hahaha :) my room is a bit dark with lighting.. :(

 still ongoing...but i kinda ruined it :) my black ball pens keep disapearing -.- krm krm !! x) i sence green little elfs borrowing my pens way too much :P

 and some random drawing i found :) was trying to draw my outfit the other day :p

This i can't even... so much love
note: sehun dancing >_< OMG <3

this songg...hmmm i love the song and the video BUTTT!!! it kills me omg x_x its dam lighthearted and sweet :( and evill for single ppl haha :P
<3 Lyn <3