quinta-feira, 7 de novembro de 2013

miss A "Hush"

I like it! At the first listen I thought something was missing, like a stronger beat or a epic high note or a dance breakdown, but after listening to it many times I got used to it. I really like the song now, it's not that catchy, but I think it's strong and not a hot mess like many other kpop songs... WOOLF! and the MV is ok.

I miss Fei's "Beyoncé hair", but I still think she looks gorgeous!
  photo feigoddess_zpsec546a9e.gif

Can't miss Taeyang's MV tomorrow!!! Meanwhile, here's the dance performance:
Love the song and that choreo....DAMN!!! Glad that the R&B feel is still there, even if it's just a little...That hair is totally killing my "vive" tho! We should've never asked for him to change his hairstyle. Comeback mohawk, we forgive you!