terça-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2014

Fei and Yubin sub-unit? YES PLEASE!

So, this might happen and I want it to happen so badly!
 "Wonder Girls' Yenny thinks Yubin and miss A's Fei would make an awesome subunit!
During the LINE chat that JYP Entertainment label had on the 18th, the artists talked about certain project units that they'd like to see actually happening. During the talk, she said, "I think if Yubin and Fei have a unit, they'd look good together. We talked about this before. If Yubin and Fei do a unit, the two members have dark skin, so we think they'll look very sexy." "
 YES YENNY, YES! JYP needs to back off already and leave Yenny take charges of JYPE and maybe compose some good songs to GOT7 too.
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Fei and her African genes! Look at that Beyonce hair!

I took this information from here.