domingo, 5 de janeiro de 2014


I believe in karma , well... generally

But today karma hit me in the face , literally!

Was pilling and counting the newspaper packs at work , when all of a suddent , one decided to hit my face when i leaned in , and so this happend ~~

at first i just felt a weird sensation and pressure on my teeth , but the second i bited a freaking peace of gum , i couldn't only feel my teeth crack easily..but it broke off completely at the middle , leaving me with half side... ugh so embarrassing and scary
Officially can't smile anymore , i was fixing that teeth in the dentist , it was in the last phase of the treatment... and freaking karma couldn't wait only two days... two freaking days, the day my last appointment was... the anger, can't even!
Killed my spirit...i'm sure it was from something bad i  said or thought about/of my brother... i swear to god! xD

I just knew this year would start of great!