sexta-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2014

Korean TV shows in 1 sentence *SPOILERS*

  • Girls Generation's Hello Baby: "BRING THE NIPPLE!"
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  • Ciderella's Sister: I never knew people could cry that much...
  • To the Beautiful You: We all know you're not a boy Sulli! (The japanese version is way better!)
  • Flower Boy Ramyun Shop: Lucky bitch!
  • Dream High: Fat IU
  • Mary Stayed Out All Night: Jang Geun Suk is a band member again.
  • IRIS 2: Lee Joon is a hot spy...
  • Boys Over Flowers: Lee Minho doesnt look good with curly hair...WHO AM I KIDDING?? HE DOES!!
  • You're Beautiful: Mulan (if she was actually a nun who joined a band).
  • You Who Came From The Stars: WHO THE FUCK SHOWERS WITH A TOWEL ON?!?! 
  • God Of Study: I should be studying right now...
  • 49 days: The end sucks!
  • Prime Minister & I: Hot Middle-Aged Guy & Yoona
  • You're the best Lee Soon Shin!: IU finds her biological mother and makes me yawn through 50 episodes...
  • We Got Married: Delusional fans favorite show...
  • Hello Counselor: 1st world problems.
  • Cool Kiz On The Block: Changmin doing sports...PRICELESS!
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I was bored and I like to make lists...sorry...