quarta-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2014


Just kidding!
I loved 2NE1 album, except for that "HAPPY" song.....I'm not into happy songs....
"Come Back Home" could've been my favorite song in the album, if it wasn't for that stupid dubstep chorus! (so I think the acoustic version is somehow better), but I still loved the reggae vibe.
"너 아님 안돼" has a Trap-like sound I really liked, plus that danceable chorus is perfect!
I also liked the ballad-ish songs on the album. I want Minzy solo tho!!!!

 "Baby I Miss You" is probably my favourite, its laid-back and cool. And it doesn't murder my ears with dubstep shit. CL's rap was so smooth on that song and Dara's voice really fitted the chillness of the music :)
I know I'm gonna repeat this song till I hate it...NEVER!

 Basically I liked everything and I think CL solo is gonna be my jam!

As for SNSD, the album imo wasn't anything special, just a regular SNSD album with normal songs.
"Mr. Mr." sounded like a Keri Hilson, late Timbaland produced song, mixed with something disco. Imo, that something disco/neo-80's bit was what saved the song.

"Europa", in the other hand, has all that disco fabulousness I want to ear!!! MORE RETRO, PLEASE! So clearly it's my fave song on the album.
"Back Hug" remind me of 90's or something Spice Girls would sing (probably cause of the acoustic guitar), which I liked. TIPANY'S VOICE *_* FOREVER GIRL CRUSH!

Where's my Taeyang album YG?!?! Where is it?!?!