quinta-feira, 6 de março de 2014

And I'm just here...

My brother often says I have my very own world basically meaning I'm weird. To be honest I think having your own world is a great thing, cause the normal world is crazy and scary. Seriously, WTF????

Ucraine USA x Russia thing.
College students dying on beaches and then evidences are erased, like freaking Illuminatti shit!
Police Protesting in front of the parliament.
Couples are killed and their bodies are found...


All that is happening and I'm just here watching kpop videos. I should care, but I prefer not to know about it. I know it's wrong and I should be all activist protecting human rights and shits, but all that is beyond me. I can't do anything about it so why should I even try??

I'm sorry but I'm not sorry.

*going back to my little clueless world...