sábado, 10 de maio de 2014

Celebrating Eurovision Day!

So, tonight is Eurovision Final so here's another post about it!
Here's some of my favorite Portuguese entries:
  • 1965 - Simone de Oliveira "Sol de Inverno". Such a beautiful voice and amazing performance WOW!
  • 1966 - Madalena Eglésias "Ele e Ela". Another diva, another beautiful voice and cute song, a CLASSIC.
  • 1982 - Doce "Bem Bom". Portuguese Girl Band back in the days + shoulder pads = ICONIC!
  • 1986 - Dora "Não sejas mau para mim". Gotta love the 80's, and Dora's "Madonna's dress". Fun song...DAT SAX SOLO!!
  • 1993 - Anabela "A Cidade (até ser dia)". Great voice, great song! 1993 year I was born.PROUD!
  • 1994 - Sara Tavares "Chamar a Música" aka BEST SONG EVER SHOUL'VE WON!! My favorite entry, my favorite voice and Sara Tavares was only 16/17 here!!! So beautiful....DESERVED MORE!
  • 2008 - Vânia Fernandes "Senhora do Mar". 2000's Portuguese entries were a total mess, but this one by Vânia was just so powerful! I had goosebumps watching the live performance on the final. Great voice, great back up vocals and staging. PORTUGUESE POWER!
Now for my favorite Eurovision winners (since I can remember 1996 or something):
  •  2003 - Sertab Erener "Everyway That I Can" from Turkey. YAAAAAS!!! This song is life! The arabic sound, the performance and choreo, the early 2000's feel, the illuminatti eye in the ending pose, THIS WAS PERFECTION!!
  •  2005 - Helena Paparizou "My Number One" from Greece. Not as strong as Turkey 2003 but still fierce! Loved the choreo and, again, the balcanic sound! I NEED MORE ARABIC/BALCANIC sounds on Eurovision!!!
  • 2012 - Loreen "Euphoria" from Sweden. This is my jam! Loved the choreo and staging. The song is ADDICTIVE!!!

2 hours for the show...can't wait!