sexta-feira, 9 de maio de 2014

Eurovision 2014 *Edited

My love for music + My love for kitsch = My absolute adoration for Eurovision !
The final of Eurovision 2014 is tomorrow and I just wanted to share my opinions on this year finalists.
  • First of all....TOO MUCH BALLADS! I want fun/cheezy songs to dance to, not freaking Celine Dion wannabes! I watched the 1st Semi-final live and I was sad that only 2/3 countries sang in their native language... So many beautiful languages...Shame on you Europe! The stages and graphics were beautiful tho...
  •  Boring songs: Montenegro (only good thing was the ice skating stage), Russia (double boring cause there's 2 of them!), Azerbaijan (was expecting more!), San Marino (just BAD), Switzerland (whistling was annoying as fuck!), Norway (the guy had a beautiful voice tho).
  • Hungary was one of my favorites. I was surprised (in a good way) with the Drum&Bass on the song. And András Kállay-Saunders is hot!

  • Armenia has a good song, too repetitive maybe, but it is different for sure! 
  • Even tho it was supposed to be a powerful song, Ukraine disappointed me. Thank god for that hot backup dancer/acrobat!
  • Sweden had probably one of the bests ballads of the night. Deserved to pass.
  • The Netherlands, I CANT!!!! People on youtube saying it was the most beautiful song, "a breath of fresh air", bitch please! It was probably fresh back in 1983 when Sting was singing it! It sounds exactly like Every Breath You Take by The Police, you plagiarism fucks! "Everyone knows a lot of songs are made with the same 3 chords", yeah but what about the same everything?!?!?!?! 
  • Iceland was obviously one of those submissions who passed cause of the votes of "neighbors countries". Bad everything!
  • I usually like the most "traditional" songs so I appreciated the flute on Slovenia song. It definitely made it more interesting.
  • Talking about traditional, I cant believe I kinda LOVED Poland submission! It looked like some sorth of traditional Poland mix with Brooke Candy I dunno.The only thing I would change was the way the backup dancers were was way too erotic :(
  • I feel like Romania has always a solid performance, and this year wasnt different. Paula Seling & Ovi are great! Paula's high notes sound so effortless...ugh... But I still prefer their 2010 song "Playing With Fire", where the piano was also part of the performance.
  • I didnt like Greece song, it sounded like the Greek version of The Wanted.
  • Was never a fan of Country so I didnt like Malta song...
  • Belarus looked like some Robin Thicke boyband or something....NO!
  • Hello Finland vocalist and guitarist I think, you guys are C-U-T-E! Your song is not...
Damn you two!!!
  • Last but definetly not least, Austria with the fabulous singer Conchita Wurst!!!! I must say I'm biased, since Conchita is so fierce and I absolutely love him/her I'm not sure how I should address him... The song reminded me of 007-James Bond Soundtracks, Tina Turner style, which I LOVE!!! Conchita's voice is so powerfull I love her! I want her to win....\o/


    As for the portuguese song I have to say, I'm not a fan of pimba, unless it's for Eurovision!
    The song was catchy and cheezy, the chorus sounded like Lambada and the whole performance and graphics were kitsch, just like Eurovision should be. Unfortunetly, it seems like Europe is pretending not to be nor like kitsch anymore, so we didnt make it also because Suzy was not the best singer in the world.... Oh well, we wouldnt win either so...

    Lol forgot to mention the Big 5 and Denmark...that's how forgettable they are...