quarta-feira, 21 de maio de 2014

Mykki Blanco in Portugal

 “I'm being arrested in Portugal for being gay”.
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It's not right what happened to him. The policeman shouldn't have called him "bicha", but instead of answering "fuck you" he should've just present charges.
He suffered from homophobia from one police officer but he used all the social media attention to turn it into something bigger. Adressing the Afro-portuguese support, and saying portugueses are racists and stuff.....WHAT THE HELL?!?! This is not a race issue! This is one case of homophobia! Stop using this to make a campaign anti-minorities!!!
People on facebook, started writting some hate shit with neo-nazi comments but most of them were trolls and fake profiles who wanted to make a fuss! A lot of people was defending Mykki, as we should. Even when Mykki said he would leave Portugal right after the show, every portuguese fan stood by his side, apologizing for the hate comments and stupid homophobes/racist cunts.

BUT THEN he started blocking portuguese users. SERIOUSLY??? "I've banned the country of Portugal from accesing my facebook page". ARE YOU REAL??? Whole Portugal because of some dickheads?!? He's basically generalizing a whole country based on a policeman and some trolls and he still asks for tolerance??? How tolerant is calling us all racists homophobes??!? We defend LGBT rights! We defended you! And now this?? Fuck this shit!

Hope his concert goes well, I'm still supporting his music. He's a good artist but today he disapointed me...#RiseLikeAPhoenixBaby