quinta-feira, 19 de março de 2015

Dear brain, it would be really nice if you would stop remenbering shit i dont want. Ktgxxbye

I find myself begging.
Really begging.
My own mind, my own heart to stop.
thinking of him
remembering him
missing him
reminiscing old memories
reminiscing the start, how we met
the way i could've done things differently
if things could've been different
how he hurt me,
the little things he did

back and forth in memories
what not's
what if's
how he this
how i that

i cant.

i need it to stop
i want it to stop.
why do i have to keep remembering?
why cant i be free?
why must i keep suffering
what is this??!!
Anything and anyone related to him , nots nots nots , enough plz NOTHING
I don't want any of it.
I want to be at peace.
I want to forget.
Please.... just leave me alone.
I cant take it anymore.