quarta-feira, 23 de setembro de 2015

sometimes i think about stuff and i need to get it out

one day a friend said i was different. like my personality changed or something. at the time i was pissed off, how can someone change from one day to another? ii didnt want to believe and i didnt understand why she said that. at the time i thought she was just overreacting cause i wasnt giving her the atention i should. i told her maybe she was the one who changed, not me.

now i think i get it. at least i tried to understand what she meant. the truth is: i changed. she also changed. everybody changes and we cant expect ppl to be the same all the time, just because thats what we expect them to be, or what we want them to be.

life makes us change, not for better or for worse, just differently. that doesnt mean we stop caring for ppl. even tho i dont speak to that friend for like 2/3 years, (simply because of circumstances of life, we grew apart, live different lifes), i still think of her and wonder if shes doing well. i always think about ppl that meant alot to me and made part of my life at some point.

so i wanna say sorry because, even if i dont express it, or seem far, im always thinking about those ppl. i may change, but what i feel towards them will never change. they're a part of me.

that goes for you too unnie. if i seem far im sorry. thats just me needing my space. you're always on my thoughts and i hope you're doing fine.