terça-feira, 13 de outubro de 2015

Adele walks in--

I don't fucking care... ( yes i just read it ) and no i don't mean i don't care as in not caring, i mean i don't care if your far, because all these years you have been a part of me and you will always be.
And honestly, please never cease to.
I won't say i can't imagine a life without you and them, but the truth is i did, and its a life without its essence.

It's ok if sometimes you need space, i understand because sometimes i need it too, people do sometimes.
But it's not just from you, but from the world, the only difference is that you and a few others ( they know who ) are always on my mind, and if ever, always at my reach, that will never fade.

People change, part of them at least.
I did, terribly.
Changed to something i don't even know, a mixture of the old me mashed together with different versions of what i have became against my will.
But the thing is people change, we are always on constant change, some more drastic than others, but i'll tell you, the exterior can change little by little, layer by layer, but deep down there are things that will never change.

And what i feel for you will never do.
So don't leave me at the "some point", keep me at that line.
Carry me with you, like i do.

Idc, i love you, seriously.
Dong-Shi :3

*mic drop*